What Have I Done?!

I have officially lost my mind. Some many months ago I thought I went off the deep end when I signed up for the Disneyland Star Wars Half Marathon. This was someone who couldn’t even run around the block without some number of body parts falling off. Sure, I’ve done a 5K before, (a couple of times actually) but that’s only 3.1 miles. Add on an extra 10 miles to that and you’ll hit a half marathon. I’ll say it again, what have I done?!

Well in the months following signing up, I learned some valuable lessons. I still have no idea how to run and anything about 5 miles is a looooong way to go. Despite that, I kept at it. I followed my beginners training plan as closely as I could and made it work for my life. I started running at work during lunch twice a week and things seemed to be improving. I might actually be able to do this thing!


From my birthday trip during the summer. Notice how sane I appeared back then. Little did this version of me know that I was destined to lose my sanity.

Now, being a race through Disneyland, the focus is not going to be on getting a good time. I signed up for the experience, not to set some new world record. The course is filled with characters and music and photo opportunities which will all take up time to soak in. If I can beat a 3 hour time, I’ll consider it a victory. Once I finished the race, my running career would come to a close. I would spend the next day at the park having a blast and encase my shoes in resin and never move more than 4 mph again… or so I thought.

I did something bad, I did something very bad. The Disneyland race is only half of a two part series. This is the Light Side and Walt Disney World hosts the Dark Side. Having never been to Florida, that seemed impossible. Heck, I already have to take 1.5 days off to survive the Disneyland race, and that’s with having been to the park a double digit number of times this year. The focus will be on the race, not trying to also ride every ride like I would at Disney World. My curiosity got the best of me and I checked to see if they had any more slots open. If it were sold out (like I thought it would be) I would have no problem telling myself I tried my best and it was not meant to be.

It wasn’t sold out.

Sure the pins and buttons and extra goodies you can buy were gone but the race itself still had spots open. My brain went into a tailspin. It’s too expensive. But it would be an incredible experience. Florida is so far away. But that’s what planes are for. They have 4 parks to visit. Yeah, so do it and do it big!

And so I did it. I signed up. I put logic aside and hit submit. I am officially a crazy person. On the upside, I’m going to get the coolest medal for completing the Coast-to-Coast Kessel Run Challenge. This is about me doing something I thought I could never do, and proving to myself that a bit of hard work is all that is required to make the memory of a lifetime. If all goes according to plan, I’m going to be sleep deprived but have a week of non-stop excitement. Plus, I’ll finally get to ride the People Mover!


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