SF 49ers vs New England Patriots – Adventure Showcase #5

What a weekend! Back to back adventures left be pretty dang exhausted, but it’s nothing like what’s coming soon (*wink wink nudge nudge*).  So my dad’s birthday was a couple weeks back, and given my financial situation, I have decided to treat my loved ones to a higher caliber of gift this year. For my dad, that meant something big, really big. As a combo birthday/Christmas gift, I got us tickets to the 49ers’ game against the Patriots at Levi’s Stadium. We both haven’t been to a football game since I was super young, and neither of us had seen the new stadium up close before. I got some very pricey tickets for the second row of the third deck which, as you can tell from the picture, had a pretty spectacular view.

Getting there was no trouble. He was smart enough to know to leave hours in advance which meant we got some prime parking. After that, we got through security no problem (but without my coffee) and checked out the booths where free stuff is given out. I’m actually looking at my little Foster Farms football stress ball right now. We entered the stadium and had one goal, to find our (his) brick.

When the stadium was being constructed, they offered for people to pay for a personalized brick to be displayed. We have one at AT&T Park and my mom got him one as a surprise. levis-brickNow, this sounds easy, and even looked easy from the map I had, but there are literally hundreds if not thousands of names and bricks. It took me a hot second to find it but there it was, for all to see.

The next stop was beer, right at the top of a really cool escalator. I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures but it was covered by a huge array for blue LEDs. It felt like something you might find at an upscale Vegas hotel/casino. We got our cheap (only in quality, not in price) beers and made our way up and up and up until the escalators wouldn’t go any higher. The view of the surrounding city was spectacular from up there, and only gave me a slight bit of vertigo… Our seats were equally as spectacular.

Kickoff approached and the stadium slowly filled up with more and more Patriot fans. Tom Brady has the biggest fan club ever. For one, he is a local boy to the area. And two, some consider him to be one of the best QBs ever. The proportions between Patriot fans and SF fans was staggering to say the least. We got an air force flyover after the national anthem and then the game was on!

In terms of football, the 49ers held on much better than I though. They really only let things get away from them in the last quarter but still didn’t let it be the blowout I figured it would be. But, enough of that, this isn’t a sports blog, its a “listen to me ramble” blog. The thing that stuck out the most, and what made this trip a memory I’ll keep forever, was the rain. field-yes-rainHoly moly it rained and it rained and it rained! We were smart enough to pack ponchos which worked for a while. Even so, I was drenched by halftime. Nearly all the seats were cleared out as people looked for any slice of shelter from the cold and rain as they could find. We thought it would never stop raining. But I didn’t let that stop me from having fun. I pushed my sponges (shoes) to the back of my mind and I enjoyed the fact that I was lucky enough to be there. It will be a memory I’ll cherish forever.

All that heartfelt stuff aside, you can be dang sure that the second I got back to the truck I peeled the shoes and socks from my wrinkly feet and stuck them under the heater. Is there any better contrasted feeling in the world than that? Who knows where my next adventure will take me, but I know that I want to do more things like this.



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