21st Amendment Brewery – Adventure Showcase #6

And we are back! This may have happened on Wednesday but you can’t blame me for taking Thanksgiving off. With the holiday this week, Wednesday became basically like Friday which meant I could do something fun after work. With my sister back in town for the week, we went to the San Leandro 21st Amendment Brewery tasting room. This is the second brewery I’ve ever been too (official brewery that is, I am not counting restaurants who also make a small selection of beers.) While we didn’t get a tour, the whole factory is an open lay out. From where I was sitting, I could see pretty much every step of the beer making process which gives the place an amazing vibe.

They had a food truck parked out back with the biggest plate of nachos I’ve ever seen. From the reviews my family gave, they were pretty awesome too. Now, onto the reviews. Remember, I am in no way a pro-taster who can tell that something touched a piece of pine or a dash of cinnamon was mixed in. 025I’m more of a “ehh that wasn’t so bad, maybe I’ll have it again” type of person. Out of the beers they had on tap, these were the six I chose to test.

Brew Free or Die: A good IPA. My favorite of them all.

Blah Blah Blah: Another strong IPA. It was pretty good.

Good Things: This is where things took a turn for the worse.

He Said: Yikes. Not great.

Fireside Chat: This one was whack too. I don’t remember if it was this one or the He Said, but one tasted like Cola.

Watermelon Funk: Not horrible, but not my cup of tea. It tasted like the sour patch watermelon candy.

I may have also tried The Headless Hopsman, but it was not part of my official taster. If I remember, it was pretty good as well, but probably because it was similar to an regular IPA. 048

Now that the tasting was all done, I got to use my buzz (I may be a bit of a lightweight) to get a full pint of Brew Free and play some corn hole. Yeah… I wasn’t good at corn hole that night. I got better near the end but my technique meant the bean bags skipped off the board, losing me some valuable points. Thinking my skills would be better used with a ball, I turned my attention to Bocce. Nope, also overthrew every shot there too. I guess I don’t know my own strength.

Final thoughts: I am coming back. Perhaps I can convince some friends to come with me one night. I feel like with some training I can claim my place atop the fictitious corn hole throne as king of the party games! I will definitely keep buying the Brew Free or Die because it’s really good and reasonably priced.



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