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Catching Up: Showcases #1-3

Some quick first notes:

I’ve had this blog for all of 20 minutes and it’s already time to fill in the missing pieces. But before that, I should probably explain what needs filling in.

My grand plan idea for this site is to document my adventures with thoughts and images that may not make it into a video (or might not make for good video). Luckily, my life is not super exciting (yet) so there isn’t much you’ve missed. This will be a modified version of what I expect a normal post would entail, less pictures and only general thoughts.  I would love feedback on the tone, feel, look or anything else associated with these posts.

Aquarium of the Bay, Pier 39 and Orion Griffiths – Adventure Showcase #1

My first adventure was to Pier 39 in San Francisco with my friend Alyson. We went to the aquarium, puttered around the touristy areas and watched a street performer. My overall review (another thing I might want to try out in normal posts) was that it was a good time, but felt short. While the Aquarium of the Bay is a great aquarium, I remember it being much bigger from what I was a child. Having become a grown adult (only in appearance though) it took much less time than, say, the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This is great for the casual tourist who’s only goal is to hit as many landmarks as possible in a short time frame, but left me feeling like there should have been some more. That may also stem from the fact that the internet has desensitized me from anything awe-inspiring so it takes quite a lot to impress me. That is more an issue with me than it is with anywhere I go or anything I do.

Below is the embedded video that goes along with this post (or what a normal post would be).

SF Sightseeing Part 1: Bay Area Science Festival – Adventure Showcase #2

This was part 1 of a 2 part series where I went to San Francisco (again… I know) with my friend Joey. As a giant science nerd, and a nerdy Giant’s fan, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go check it out because it was free. I went in knowing that it was probably designed for children and I, a child-less 25 year old male, would probably stick out like a sore thumb. I have never been more correct about anything.

The process of getting to the park itself was more about exploring than it was about efficiency. Instead of driving directly to the park like a normal person, we took BART in and then walked from downtown SF all the way there. Sure, we could have taken MUNI or UBER or a cab or something, but where is the fun in that? I got to check out some amazing views of the waterfront which, despite being able to see it from my work, I never really visit. (I use the term “see” very loosely because I can see pretty much the whole peninsula from my work). Once at the park it was pretty cool. There were thousands of people walking around and checking out various stations set up everywhere. Some had hands-on projects, some had giveaways and some were just about knowledge. As I predicted, I was the exact opposite of the target demo but it was still a good time. I would not have felt right waiting in line to show up some 5 year old with my amazing knowledge that “stuff” is “matter” or that how energy is conserved. Seeing as we didn’t want to get lunch in the park, we went to…

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SF Sightseeing Part 2: Wandering and Chinatown – Adventure Showcase #3

… Momo’s right across the street for lunch. This is where the real fun of the trip came into play. There were no more tiny screaming kids to trip over, and there was beer! Being a plain person, I ordered a plain cheeseburger and a Bud Light (because I’m classy like that). This might be a theme with any showcase I put out so I’ll say it now, I am not huge on “fancy” food. Give me a burger or a pizza and I am totally fine with that. Heck, a good portion of my dinners are chicken and veggies. I really want to drive this point home, my choice in plain meals has no reflection on wherever I eat. I went to the Blue Bayou in Disneyland and ordered a plain jane steak and rice instead of the more upscale meals they offer. I can talk about why I’m so boring in another post if it comes up, but that is for a later dates.

Back to my point. Momo’s had a menu with a ton of delicious sounding meals. It would definitely be on my to-eat list if I were that kind of person. Post-meal, we wandered up through the city in search of Chinatown. There was no real method to our madness, just looking for something to kill a bit more time. It was a bit further, and a bit more uphill that I expected which was no bueno on my legs after my 8 mile training run earlier that morning. Once again, I stuck out like a sore thumb. Nothing screams “I don’t belong here” than a 6’4 bearded white guy walking into a Chinese corner store. I’m sorry I am fascinated by looking at knick-knacks, but that’s what I’m gonna do. Joey and I parted ways and I headed back home. Despite the main goal of the trip (the science thing) only being a portion of the day, it was an awesome day. I could walk around a city with no real purpose and call it a successful trip, and that may be what a portion of these showcases are.

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